Bouchaine Vineyards & Wine Questions

Bouchaine Vineyards & Wine Questions

Sips of the Week Chief Winemaker at Bouchaine Vineyards, Michael Richmond, joined Laurie to talk about their winemaking philosophy and what’s makes his job so challenging. The Wines of Bouchaine will be featured at an upcoming wine dinner at The Robert Morris Inn on 4/5 at 7PM. For more information including the menu for the amazing 6 course meal visit:–wine-pairing-dinner.aspx Bouchaine Las Brisas Vineyard Riesling, Carneros, Napa $23 Winemaker’s Notes: This wine is a paean to spring. It is redolent of white flower blossoms and a light balance that begets indulgence. The wine shows a faintly grapefruit-like style so prized by true Riesling addicts. It was just awarded “Best Medium Dry Riesling” by the International Riesling Foundation at the 2013 Riverside International Wine Competition. This wine is right at home with any traditional German or Alsatian fare and a proven delight with virtually all Pacific Rim and Asian cuisine. With an alcohol level that is thirty percent less than most wines it is a perfect beverage for warm afternoons. Bouchaine Estate Vineyard Pinot Meunier, Carneros, Napa $39 Winemaker’s Notes:Though the initial impression is of a youthful wine with only modest fruit aromatics, perhaps even a bit olivaceous, it quickly begins to develop a faintly conifer forest aroma that further evolves to cinnamon and allspice, a signature flavor of Carneros Pinot Noir. The dynamics of this wine are fascinating. At another level it shows the brightness of pomegranate or cranberry fruit with overtones of Satsuma plum followed by a faintly smoky oak component. Think of this wine as a Pinot Noir with an alluring story.

Sips of the Week can be found (or ordered) in Maryland at Highland Wine & Spirits in Howard County or Wine World in Harford County or anywhere else in the US by searching

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