The Standup Sommelier®

Laurie combines wine education with stand up comedy, improv and games to create a killer show where wine meets punchline. Looking for a laid back and hilarious take on wine tasting? TV personality, award-winning sommelier and comedian, Laurie Forster, The Standup Sommelier™ delivers an off-beat hilarious show where wine meets punch line. In her show, Forster peels back the labels of a customized selection of wines for your guests and exposes the truth of her life in the wine business and as a mom in suburban hell. Relax with a glass (or five!) of wine, because with Forster there are no formalities when it comes to drinking. This is a “tasting” you will never forget.

What the heck is this show?

Something to Wine About® is a one-hour original comedy show & wine tasting that includes audience participation. Unlike any other wine tasting you’ve experienced, award-winning sommelier and comedian, Laurie Forster, demystifies wine in a way that harkens back to her Jersey roots, her previous career in software and exposes her hilarious life being a self-proclaimed “cool Mom.”

Laurie has taken the enjoyment of wine to a whole new level and now brings her live stage show to your event. Not only will Laurie have your guests laughing out loud with her outlandish comedy and playful audience participation, but your guests will actually walk away knowing more about wine and feeling more confident about what they already knew.

Something to Wine About® appeals to wide audiences including buttoned up conservatives, stir crazy stay-at-home Moms and the cast of the Jersey Shore. Right Snookie?

Who is Laurie?

Laurie Forster, The Standup Sommelier™, is an award-winning sommelier, author, TV personality and comedian. Her edgy approach to demystifying wine caught the eye of major networks and led her to guest appearances on FOX Morning News, Martha Stewart Living Today and ABC News at Noon. She’s performed her comedic wine tasting at the Carolines on Broadway, DC IMPROV, Caesars Atlantic City, Broadway Comedy Club, Harrah’s Philadelphia, Tampa IMPROV, Avalon Theatre and RamsHead On Stage.

Forster is also the host of The Sipping Point and her mobile application “The Wine Coach” was listed as one of the Top 8 Wine Apps in Wine Enthusiast and App of the Year from Go Mobile Solutions. As a laid back mom, wine expert and former Jersey girl, Forster doesn’t hold back. Her straightforward opinions on wine and life with her famous chef husband in “suburban hell” are grounded, truthful and hilarious.

Why should I book this show?

Two reasons. People love to laugh. Also, Laurie’s laid back, unstuffy approach to wine packs a punch line with a powerful message. Laurie is passionate about making people laugh with a purpose. The purpose is twofold–connection and empowerment.

While teaching the audience how to savor every last drop like a pro, the audience also learns to tune in to their senses and begin to trust their own tastes and instincts in both wine and life. She’ll show them how to drink differently, which in turn will help them to think differently.

Her audiences leave with a smile on their faces knowing the next time they order wine they’ll do it with confidence. Something to Wine 

Something to Wine About is hip, current and the opposite of what people expect a wine tasting to be. Surprise your guests and empower them at the same time.

How does it work?

Something to Wine About® hosted by The Standup Sommelier™ runs like a well-oiled machine. After a personal consultation with Laurie, she crafts a plan for the show that outlines all logistics and materials needed–wine, glassware, food and set up materials. Placemats and other props needed for the show will be provided by Laurie and her team. Guests will have a series of wines and optional food pairings at their table that Laurie will use during the show. Laurie will select the wines, food pairings and instruct your staff on how to set up the room in preparation for the show.

How Many People Can Participate?

Something to Wine About® is suitable for small private parties and large corporate or fundraising events. As few as two and as many as you want to pack in the audience. Laurie is as comfortable edu-taining small groups as she is with a full house, so groups of all sizes will have a memorable night of wine food and fun!

How Much Can I Charge for this Show?

If you are planning on selling tickets to the event we suggest that prices range from $35 to $95 depending on location of event and the wine/food tasted in the show. A basic comedy show generally charges a cover plus a two drink minimum. Here, the drinks are included. Something to Wine About® can bring in a higher ticket price since it’s an educational wine tasting combined with an interactive comedy show with an award winning performer.

Do I Need A Liquor License?

If a ticket price is charged, either the venue or the caterer needs to have a license. If this is a private event that is not open to the public then, depending on your state laws, this may not be required.

How much does this show cost me?

We provide customized pricing that will be determined by the number of people and the length of the desired show.

To talk about booking Laurie call 410-820-4212 or send an email to