New Year’s Eve Party 2014

New Year’s Eve Party 2014

If you are looking for inspiration for tonight’s New Year’s celebrations here are my top 10 ideas inspired by some of my favorite bar items at Here are 10 great ways to Ring in the New Year that are easier than you think!

10. CHEESE – Get some delicious cheeses and charcuterie from (use code CHEESE for 10% off) or your local cheese shop along with some charcuteries for an easy platter of yummy appetizers for your guests to nibble on while you await the ball drop in Times Square.

9. Stock up on some great bubbly for New Year’s and make sure it’s properly chilled to about 43-46 degrees F. A quick way to chill is in salted ice water using a bucket like this one.

8. Make opening your wine a breeze by having the proper tools assembled prior to the party kickoff! I love my automatic wine opener that makes this a no-brainer.

7. Want to impress your friends with your wine geeky prowess? Use this instant chiller for your white wines for an instant conversation starter!

Ring in NYE5

Ice Ice Baby! Quick Chill for your favorite whites…

6. Let your red wines breathe by decanting or using a wine aerator to soften up the tannins and bring out the aromas of the wine.

5. Mix up a few signature New Year’s Eve cocktails to shake things up at your party!

Ring in NYE10

Shake it like you mean it!

4. Reboot this New Year’s with some great craft beer from my friends at Troeg’s Brewing or other great brews but drink out of a boot not a plain old mug. There are some great drinking games to play with these beer boots too!

Ring in NYE8

Give 2013 a kick in the pants as we ring in 2014!

3. Not sure how to get things going? Try conversation starters like Table Topics or maybe set up a blind wine tasting to get things rolling.

2. Plan an easy dessert like my favorite–chocolate covered strawberries for a sweet way to ring in the New Year. Looking for a great wine with chocolate think Brachetto d’Acqui or a French Banyuls.

1. Get a little naughty with some Port or Cognac and cigars top off the night…I won’t tell!

Hope you enjoyed these great ways to Ring in the New Year with RedEnvelope. No matter what you do this New Year’s Eve we wish you the Happiest New Year Ever from The Wine Coach!