Wine is the New Golf . . .

Wine is the New Golf . . .

As a wine educator who came from the corporate world, I fully understand the importance of entertaining clients and I learned the hard way about the importance of wine skills while traveling extensively as a sales executive for a software company. Understanding wine is an essential executive skill!


Think of group wine tastings as the new golf outing.

Unlike golf, enjoying wine does not require any prior experience or athletic prowess. One event that I am often asked to conduct is called “Don’t Drink, Taste!” In this seminar I teach the group how to taste wine using all their senses. I often use food items like lemons (to illustrate acidity) and walnuts (to illustrate the sensation of tannins) to demonstrate how much they already know about tasting wine. This event puts everyone at ease and teaches the language to describe any wine in a simple way. By the end of the dinner beginners as well as seasoned wine lovers are having meaningful conversations about wine and how to pair wines with a meal.

Wine tasting is a team sport

One of my most popular events is a wine-focused team-building event that helps a group connect in a way that is comfortable and fun. Teams might be asked to guess the varietal of an unknown wine or tasked with pairing a dish with a wine that best complements the food. I often utilize my training as life coach (and sometimes collaborate with coaching professionals to incorporate developmental tools, like Meyers Briggs personality testing), into my events. Grapes, just like employees have their own unique personalities and understanding that helps you enjoy them more!

The price is right!

The current cost controls and regulations many businesses face today are another reason to cultivate wine savvy employees. Companies understand the importance of presenting a polished image and are investing in educating their executives. My Executive Wine 101 seminar was created specifically for the management team of a large construction company to do just that. We covered the essentials of tasting, ordering and pairing wines. Not only did the group have a great time together but they left with critical information to make their next business dinner not only a success but cost effective too.

An old proverb  says:  “Over a bottle of wine many a friend is made.” I think that also applies to creating stronger teams and client relationships.  So the next time you are thinking of creating a great event for your quarterly meeting, planning a team-building retreat or a reward for your best clients . . . put down that golf club and pick up a wine glass!

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