The Zork arrives in MD!

The Zork arrives in MD!


Serpent Ridge is one of Maryland’s newest wineries located in Westminster–Carroll Country. Greg and Karen Lambrecht, the founders of Serpent Ridge, traveled Australia visiting wineries and looking for great ideas they could incorporate into a winery…”someday.” One of the great ideas they found was the Zork wine closure–a plastic cork. Their “someday” came this past April when then opened the doors to their winery and became the first winery in MD to use the Zork. Greg has retro-fitted a pneumatic beer bottle cap machine to install the Zork closure. You go Greg!!

Natural corks can get infected with Trichloroanisole (TCA) which will infect the wine making it smell and taste musty. In the wine business we call this a ‘corked’ wine. It is estimated that between 5-10% of wines using a natural cork are infected with TCA. This costs the wine industry lots of money so the trend has been towards finding alternatives to natural cork. The Zork is one such alternative closure that like the screw cap prevents ‘corked’ wines. Another benefit of the Zork is that it is fun to say and to open! See the video below for a great overview of this innovative closure.

Serpent Ridge Winery is open Saturdays and Sundays from 11AM-5 PM. If you want to check out ALL the great wines of MD consider coming to the Maryland Wine Festival on September 19th and 20th in Westminster, MD. For more on Maryland Wine and the festival visit

Want to see a Zork in action?