Steve Jobs urged us to listen to our inner voice

Steve Jobs urged us to listen to our inner voice

Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma—which is living with the results of other peoples’ thinking. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice.” Excerpt from Steve Job’s commencement address to Stanfod in 2005

On October 5, 2011 the world lost an amazing man. One who followed his passions at all costs and lived life with zest. That man was Steve Jobs. I have been fascinated with his story since I watched the TV movie The Pirates of Silicon Valley in 1999 and over the years I have seen Steve Jobs in the news and followed the ups and downs of his career.

At the end of 2009, I received a link to the transcript of his commencement address to the Stanford class of 2005, where he urged the graduates to find what they love because life is short. This struck a chord with me so I printed that transcript out and have kept it on my desk since then. On difficult days I read it again and sometimes watch the videotape of it on YouTube. It is profoundly moving.

In just a few weeks, a dream of mine will become a reality. My new radio show The Sipping Point will kick off on WBAL 1090AM. Getting to this place has taken the dedication, hard work and passion that Steve Jobs spoke about in his speech. But for me, it has also required one more thing…the support and guidance of a coach. My coaches have been there for me throughout – to help develop my plans….to get me back on track when it was too much of an uphill battle…and to celebrate my successes.

This summer I launched the Palate to Profit Coaching Program so I could offer that same support and guidance to a few select people who have decided to get serious and make their culinary passions into profitable businesses. Those who know there is no perfect time to get started. Life will never line up perfectly for you so the “perfect” time is NOW.

My current coaching clients understood this and took that first big step (contacting me!). It has been so rewarding to work with them and, as a result, to witness their progress towards having what they really want in life.  This experience has inspired me to make room in my schedule to work with 3 more people! I want to share my Palate to Profit Program so YOU can have more clients, more cash and a delicious life.

I know many of you, like me, have culinary passions – whether for wine, food or cocktails – that you want to build a life around. Maybe you have a business idea but don’t know how to get started or maybe you have started a business but have not achieved the level of success you desire. Maybe you are looking to create a business for your retirement. If that is you, keep reading. If it’s not, just read a different post on this site–I won’t be offended!

If this sounds like just what you need to make your business and life goals a reality, though, then we need to talk. I am offering a free, 15 minute coaching session with the first 6 people who register using the link below to see if you are a good fit for my coaching.

Register here:

So if your inner voice is telling you there is something more for you…let’s talk.

In any case, I wish you a fabulous fall season that, like wine, is best enjoyed one sip at a time!