Spring Sensations in Hershey Harrisburg Wine Country

Spring Sensations in Hershey Harrisburg Wine Country

Sips of the Week

Laurie tasted these Sips of the Week from Vineyard at Hershey with Mike Wilson aka Merlot Mike. Mike also talked about the upcoming Spring Sensations event in Hershey Harrisburg Wine Country talking place 5/3-5/18 at participating wineries. Enjoy fun picnic food samples paired with handcrafted wines, while enjoying decorative spring floral and garden displays at each winery. In addition, each guest will receive a wine tasting, a souvenir glass, and a 10% discount off all wine purchased. During this three-weekend event, guests who travel the Wine Country and visit all of the participating wineries will be entered into a drawing to win the Spring Sensations grand prize: a fully-stocked wine refrigerator filled with wine from all of the participating wineries!  To qualify for the grand prize, simply turn your ticket in at the final winery of your visit and vote for the winery that you feel had the best floral or garden display! Decider Peanut Butter Caramel Cider, Hershey, PA $19.99 Brewer’s Notes: The unquestioned leader when your taste buds are in a moment of indecision and crisis, The DeCider is a peanut butter caramel hard apple cider, made from 100% real peanut butter, caramel, and apples. A layered profile, this cider first begins with apple, then caramel, then peanut butter on the finish. You’ve never had anything like it. Vineyard at Hershey Merlot, Hershey, PA $15.99 Winemaker’s Notes: Smooth and incredibly fruit forward, this Merlot will have you tasting plum and dark fruits. Vineyard at Hershey Cocoa di Vezzetti, Hershey, PA $19.99 Winemaker’s Notes: Another unusual and amazing product, Cocoa di Vezzetti is a chocolate port style wine, made from Merlot aged in with cocoa nibs and fortified with brandy. All sips of the week can be found or ordered from our advertisers Wine World in Harford County or in Howard County, Highland Wine & Spirits. For more great wines download Laurie’s Free Wine App The Wine Coach for iPhone and Android. Upcoming Events 4/27 St Michaels WineFest – Wine & Comedy Show…Laurie Wine Comedy show Sunday (tickets only $30 with code) or the Festival PLUS Laurie’s show Sunday for only $65! 5/22 Something to Wine About at Xfinity Live! In Philadelphia, PA www.thewinecoach.com/xfinity 6/18 Mark Your Calendars! The Oregon Grille Women’s Wine Club, Summer Sipping in Italy Hire Laurie for your next corporate, client or fundraising event! More info: www.TheWineCoachSpeaks.com

A Special Thanks to Sheehy Lexus of Annapolis ,The Oregon Grille Highland Wine & Spirits and Wine World.

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