The Sipping Point Radio – 6/30: Break Out the Whiskey

The Sipping Point Radio – 6/30: Break Out the Whiskey


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Sips of the Week

Michael Hyatt, Managing Partner of Wells Discount Liquors joined us to share his favorite craft rye whiskies and tell us about his 75th Anniversary sale to benefit the Children of Fallen Soldiers Relief Fund.

Tap 357 Canadian Maple Rye Whisky, Canada $37
The blended rye whisky used in TAP 357 is produced at the oldest distillery in Western Canada, where it is distilled four times then matured in a combination of new, second- and third-use bourbon barrels. Once aged, Master Blender Michel Marcil expertly blends the selected whiskies. Next, Marcil combines the whisky in Quebec with pure “Canada 1 Light” maple syrup from the region. In a proprietary finishing process the maple-flavored rye whisky is then left to rest for an additional period until deemed ready for release. Looking for the perfect pairing for this rye?

Whistlepig 10 year old Rye, Vermont $67 WhistlePig “100/100” is a 100 proof, 100 percent rye whiskey, aged for at least ten years in new American oak barrels. It was released in the summer of 2010 to great critical acclaim, receiving numerous distinctions such as the “highest ever” designation from Wine Enthusiast Magazine and “highest recommendation” from the Spirits Journal. These extraordinary honors “humble and set a high bar” for Master Distiller Dave Pickerell who spent over a year on an exhaustive search of North America for the best rye whiskey in the world. Dave feels that “100/100” embodies the perfect combination of proof, purity, and age — hitting what he calls “the sweet spot” in all three categories. WhistlePig Straight Rye Whiskey is hand bottled at the WhistlePig Farm Distillery in Shoreham, Vermont and is available in a limited quantity.

Catoctin Creek Organic Roundstone Rye, Loudoun County, Virginia $35 When you take our lovely Catoctin Creek Organic Mosby’s Spirit®, and you age it in new Minnesota white oak casks for a time, you end up with a very special rye whisky! The hardest of all whiskeys to produce, rye whisky is an old time favorite that is new once again. It has a delicious woody taste, with notes of caramel, rich butter toffee, and just a hint of lemon in the nose. Awarded silver medals at the 2011 American Distilling Institute Whiskey Competition, the 2010 New York International Spirits Competition and the Beverage Testing Institute, Catoctin Creek Organic Roundstone Rye® is one of the only organic whiskeys in the entire nation. Roundstone Rye is a great mixer in Manhattans, or any recipe calling for Canadian or rye whisky. And unlike most rye whiskies available today, ours is never blended with inferior neutral grain spirits–only 100% pure organic rye. Delicious mixed, on the rocks, or neat. Try some this evening! All the Sips of the Week are available at Wells Discount Liquors check them out at

Wine Sandwich

Andrew Zimmern, host of Bizarre Foods on the Travel Channel talked with Laurie about how he made his show a reality and why he is so passionate about us eating bizarre things like elk or deer heart!

Next Week

Next week we’ll talk to Mark Oldman author of Oldman’s Guide to Outsmarting Wine about some brave new wines to try for summer and Chef Tim Love will tell us how to use simple, quality ingredients to put a delicious spin on some of America’s favorite classic summer dishes.

Special thanks to Sheehy Lexus of Annapolis, Wells Discount Liquors, Crystal Cruise Lines, Santa Rita Winery, The Cavit Collection & J Brown Jewelers.