Pick The Perfect Wine on the Web

Pick The Perfect Wine on the Web

* Do you ever wish you had your own personal sommelier on speed dial?

* The wine list gets passed to you and you wonder, how am I supposed to choose a wine that everyone will enjoy?

* You’re at your favorite wine store. What do you pick?

Join me on the web for a fun and edu-taining wine workshop!

Now you can learn all this and more from the comfort of your own home with the Pick The Perfect Wine Every Time Web Workshop.

You’ll Learn how to Swirl, Sip & Savor Wine Like a Pro in 4 Weeks!
http://www.PerfectWineEveryTime.com/Here’s what we’ll cover in the 4 weeks of the LIVE* Web Workshop:

Session 1: Wine Tasting Like a Pro, Monday, Oct. 4, 8pm EST
Session 2: White Wines 101, Monday, Oct. 11, 8pm EST
Session 3: Red Wines 101, Monday, Oct. 18, 8pm EST
Session 4: Food & Wine Pairing, Monday, Oct. 25, 8pm EST* Sessions are recorded for replay or if you need to miss a class and include Video Tasting instruction from me…you follow along at home.Here’s what you get in this educational (and fun) LIVE Web Workshop:

1. Weekly in-depth learning Wine Workshop: Over a period of 4 weeks, we’ll meet by webinar* for an hour each night to cover the most important facets of wine—the ones that, once you master, will allow you to pick the perfect wine every time. ($1995 value)

2. Your own Copy of my award winning book The Sipping Point: A Crash Course in Wine: Each week, we’ll cover a different topic that will reference and build on the practical wine essentials I wrote about in my book. ($17 value)

3. Online Forum with Access to the other wine lovers attending the Web Workshop: In addition to your weekly webinars, you’ll have access to all the other wine lovers in the workshop via a collaborative online forum. With this group, you’ll be able to trade wine recommendations, recipes, restaurant recommendations and resources. ($500 Value)

4. MP3 or downloadable Recordings of every class: If, for any reason, you miss a class, no worries! You’ll be able to listen to the recording online or download the MP3, usually within 24-hours of the call. ($395 Value)

5. PDF files of the PowerPoint presentations of each and every class: Some people learn better from reading a transcript than they do when listening to a live call or recording.($295 Value)

* It’s fine with me if you invite friends over to experience the webinars with you. Just log into the class, turn your speakers up and gather around your laptop and learn together!

So, here’s the deal. With this Web Workshop, I’ve created a way for me to leverage my time and be able to teach many more people as a group – without having to clone myself or fly all over the country. That’s why I’m going to give you a huge reduction on the total value of this course.

Your investment in the Pick The Perfect Wine Every Time Web Workshop is:

Only $179 for the ENTIRE program! You can Pay in Full or in 3 Easy Payments.