Praise for The Sipping Point . . .

“For anyone who has ever felt intimidated by a long wine list or spooked by a sommelier, The Sipping Point offers welcome advice in a warm, engaging style. I wish I’d had Laurie Forster as a coach before venturing into the sometimes scary world of wine.”

~Julia Flynn Siler, author of the New York Times Bestseller, The House of Mondavi: The Rise and Fall of an American Wine Dynasty 

“Readers frequently ask about good introductory wine books for either giving as a gift or learning about wine. The recently published “The Sipping Point — A Crash Course in Wine” by Laurie Forster, The Wine Coach, is a terrific choice. This compact and concise survey guide embodies the author’s trademark optimistic approach to wine: make it fun and enjoyable as a way to connect with others. She simplifies food and wine pairings and provides practical tips on handling classic awkward wine moments, including dealing with tough sommeliers and ordering wines in business settings.”

~Dave DeSimone, wine columnist for the Pittsburgh Tribune and KQV 1410 AM

“For anyone who ever felt like a fool with the wine list. The Wine Coach® Laurie Forster skips the snobbery and the jargon to give you a crash course in the basics of wine. If you think the best way to open a bottle of champagne is to stick it between your legs and pull, read The Sipping Point and you’ll never embarrass yourself (or your date) in public again.” 

~Lisa Earle McLeod, Syndicated columnist and author of Forget Perfect and Finding Grace When You Can’t Even Find Clean Underwear

“We loved The Sipping Point…it’s terrific!  We appreciated the practical approach you take in the book — like starting with how to open the bottle.  So simple but so necessary. The Sipping Point also reminded us how there’s always something to learn about wine.  We especially liked the tip on how to eliminate residual taste from a wine glass.  This is a great book for beginners or even seasoned wine drinkers like us who have popped our share of corks.”

~Barbara Nowak and Beverly Wichman, co-authors of The Saucy Sisters Guide to Wine and The Everything Wine Book 

“In The Sipping Point: A Crash Course in Wine, Laurie Forster has taken intimidating wine questions and answered them simply, thoroughly, accurately and humorously. The paper quality and size of her book pairs sophistication with functionality.  Her “Crash Course in Wine” is an easy drinking ride on the back roads of wine appreciation.”

~Jimmy Collins, Publisher of Nashville Wine Press

“Laurie takes the mystery out of wine in this well-written and colorful book, The Sipping Point.   It is a must-have for your coffee table and a great tool for restaurant staff training and education.  I can’t stop buying more for my friends and family.  Makes a great gift for everyone from the novice to the connoisseur”

~Celeste Corsaro, Publisher Baltimore Eats 

“The Sipping Point is the wine mentor I always wished I had when I was learning about wine. Smart, wise, and to-the-point, Laurie Forster’s book holds the answers that anyone, even someone who has loved wine for years, can use to better enjoy the nectar of the gods. Thank you for writing it, Laurie.”

~Rob Berkley, Executive Coach, co-author Speaking of Success with Stephen Covey and Brian Tracy  & creator  of  visionday.com

“Want wine? Get all your most pressing points addressed–even those you were afraid to ask in this invaluable resource for experts and novices alike. You’ll be able to order, taste and sip wine like a pro after imbibing Laurie’s practical and entertaining tips. Cheers!”

~ Susan Harrow, author of Sell Yourself Without Selling Your Soul

“Wine is one of life’s simple and most delightful pleasures.  In a simple and most delightful way, Laurie Forster’s “The Sipping Point” makes that pleasure accessible to you.”

~Michael J. Gelb author of  How to Think Like Leonardo Da Vinci, Innovate Like Edison and Wine Tasting as Team-Building

“Navigating a wine list isn’t overwhelming or intimidating once you have a copy of Laurie Forster’s pocket guide. It’s a fabulous resource to understanding where wine originates, how it’s made and how to make great selections.”

~Heather Cabot, Publisher The Well Mom.com

“An entertaining as well as educational journey through the essentials of wine.  Before departing on your next wine tour consider The Sipping Point required reading.”

~Pascale Bernasse, Owner French Wine Explorers

“Laurie Forster’s The Sipping Point makes wine fun again. She conveys useful information in a breezy, informal style, and turns wine appreciation into the pleasure it was meant to be.”

~Bill Shepard, author of Shepard’s Guide to Mastering French Wines

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