The Sipping Point 03/09/2013

The Sipping Point 03/09/2013


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Sips of the Week

The Raven Special Lager

Raven Special Lager 
A perfect balanced lager beer that goes well with any kind of food, but particularly with spicy food or when you just want to sit down and enjoy a beer with friends.  With a shot of Woodford Reserve chased with chilled Raven is a near perfect combination. The rich golden colored beer is an exceptionally smooth Southern German lager, somewhat malty but well balanced between the hops and malt.  Experiencing the clean finish and pleasant lingering aftertaste of The Raven Special Lager, one can truly say that The Taste Is Poetic. Tasting Notes: This pale amber beer has a delightful aroma that goes down easily with a nice hop taste and dry finish.

Pendulum Pilsner 
A rich velvet smooth, yet clean, dry and crisp pilsner of a pale gold color. The complex mix of hops and malt creates an elegant floral nose and delightful taste that is very drinkable without overwhelming even the most tepid beer drinker. Not overly bitter but just enough of the hop to enjoy their subtle complexities while still enjoying the smooth, and almost sweet taste of the malt. Serve Pendulum in a tall glass to enjoy the carbonated bead and the steady white head that laces the glass and taste why Pendulum Pilsner is a cut above the rest.

Tell Tale Hearty Ale

Your first experience with this IPA is the citrus bouquet from its rocky white head. The initial taste is subdued but gradually becomes intense without any harsh bitterness. The heartier, the better!

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Featured Guest

This week on The Sipping Point we talked to Stephen Demczuk of Raven Beer to find out about this line of brews inspired by Edgar Allen Poe. We taste 3 of his beers and talk about an upcoming event celebrating one of Poe’s most famous short stories The Cask of Amontillado. Join Laurie and Stephen at The Cask of Amontillado Wine Festival on 3/16 from 12-5PM. Buy Tickets Today!

Wine Sandwich 

Wine Cartoonist Doug Pike joined us to talk about  his wine cartoons that are a regular feature on the on-line version of Robert Parker’s, The Wine Advocate, the most highly trafficked wine-related site on the Web.  Read more about Doug’s success sandwiching his love of comics and wine on his website.


Upcoming Events

3/16: National Shamrock Fest  Ranked the “#3 Saint Paddy’s festival in US” by Beer Taste Magazine

3/19:  Something to Wine About Wine Tasting Comedy at Rams Head Tavern in Annapolis, MD

3/21: Something to Wine About Wine Tasting Comedy at Red Hen in Easton, MD

3/27: Something to Wine About Wine Tasting Comedy at Gotham Comedy Club, NYC

Next Week

We’ll be back next week the brew masters from Angry Orchard and Samuel Adams and Chef  Paul Flynn straight from Dublin, Ireland to give us tips on authentic cuisine for St Patty’s Day!

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