Has This Ever Happened
to You?

  • You’re at your favorite wine store, looking at ALL the bottles and you’re not sure how to pick the perfect wine!
  • You love wine and want to learn more but don’t know where to start…
  • You’re handed the wine list while out to dinner and struggle to find the right wine pairing for your meal.
  • You’ve taken classes before but they aren’t as informative or as FUN as you wanted them to be.

a Solution!

My mission in life is to demystify wine! Those who attend my wine seminars, dinners or tastings experience several ‘a-ha’ moments about wine. They find that things that once seemed confusing, suddenly become clear. They leave with a deeper knowledge of wine and more confidence in selecting and pairing wines on their own.

So many people looking to gain this wine know-how, though, can’t attend one of my live events. Are you one of them?

Few of us grew up learning about wine from our parents or in school. Many of us now find ourselves at business dinners or social gatherings where we’re expected to order wine for an entire table!

I’ve been there…

When it happened to me, I broke out in a cold sweat and ordered the first thing I recognized. Other times, I looked to friends or colleagues for help. Have you been in this awkward position, too?

I know you’ve picked up wine knowledge here and there over time, but has anyone shown you how it all fits together? Not knowing how it fit together drove me to study wine, first as a hobby and, later,  professionally.  Eventually making it my career!

Now, my mission is to pass this knowledge on to others in a way that is approachable and fun.  How would it feel to be armed with the essentials of wine, so you know EXACTLY how to Pick the Perfect Wine Every Time?

After 15+ years studying wine, I’ve acquired the knowledge to help anyone master the process of selecting, tasting and pairing wine.  Until now, I was only able to help people who could attend one of my LIVE events.

Imagine Attending my Classes in
your Living Room…

I Created an Online Wine Workshop that you can Do Anywhere – Anytime

NOW you can finally learn how to Pick the Perfect Wine Every Time. Now, anyone can join me to learn how to Swirl, Sip and Savor wine like a Pro. We’ll have tons of fun, too…because there’s nothing snooty about my wine tastings!

During this online workshop, you will learn everything you need to know and have more confidence when ordering, pairing or serving wine. This is the same information that my corporate clients spend thousands of dollars for at one of my high content wine seminars.

You will receive access to all 5 sessions immediately. You will also receive a list of wines you can purchase online or locally, so you can taste along with me in each class.

Pick the Perfect Wine Every Time
Online Wine Course

Session 1
Wine Tasting Like A Pro



Basics of Wine Making

Learn to Properly Taste and Describe any wine like a pro.

Understand various bottle and glass pour sizes.

Video Tasting instruction… you follow along at home.

Session 2
White Wines 101


Identify the major wine styles
for white wines.

Discover why glassware can make or break the taste of your wine.

Learn proper serving temperature for different styles of wine.

Understand the characteristics and personality of the key white varietals.

Video Tasting instruction… you follow along at home.

Session 3
Red Wine 101


Identify the major wine styles for red wines.

Learn about Serving and Decanting Red Wines.

Discover strategies for preserving leftover wine.

Understand the characteristics and personality of the key red varietals.

Video Tasting instruction… you follow along at home.

Session 4
Perfect Pairings: Food & Wine


Utilize the basics of food and wine pairing to create pairings

Learn the key strategies for pairings.

Master the “restaurant ritual” of ordering a bottle of wine like a pro.

Understand how food elements like salt, sugar, & butter are important when choosing your pairings.

Video Tasting instruction… you follow along at home.

Session 5
Bubbly & Rosé


Identify the major types of Sparkling and Rosé wines

Discover why these are 2 of the hottest wine categories.

Flute vs. wine glass for bubbly?

Understand how to properly open a bubbly without losing an eye

Video Tasting instruction… you follow along at home.

“Pick the Perfect Wine Every Time Web Workshop was such a perfect fit for my husband and me. Prior to taking Laurie Forster’s webinar we followed the basic wine rules; white wine with fish/seafood and red wine with meat. We have since learned more about grape varietals and how they interact with other foods. Who knew our Cabernet Sauvignon didn’t taste as well with our goat cheese appetizers? We had such fun exploring unfamiliar wines – and without driving anywhere!”

You will receive access to all 5 sessions immediately. You will also receive a list of wines you can purchase online or locally, so you can taste along with me in each class.

In This Educational (and fun!) Web Workshop


During each of 5 sessions, we’ll meet online to learn the most important facets of wine—the ones that, once you master, will allow you to pick the perfect wine every time. Together, we’ll spend 60 minutes per per session  covering in-depth, the simple yet powerful strategies I’ve been using with my private clients.

I’ll give you easy and tasty assignments, and guide you to focus on the EXACT things you need to know so you can Pick the Perfect Wine EVERY Time.

($1995 Value)

* Invite friends over to experience the web tastings with you! Just start the class recording, turn your speakers up and gather around your laptop to learn together!


In each session, we’ll cover a different topic that will reference and build on the practical wine essentials I wrote about in my book. We will send you an electronic version of my book that will be your constant companion and reference during the class and afterwards! From serving temperature to navigating a wine list – and more – you will love the no nonsense wine education found in The Sipping Point.

($9.99 Value)


Some people learn better through reading than they do through listening to a recording. I totally understand that! Having an outline of the content allows you to print the materials and read along.  You won’t have to take notes while listening! I’ve made it super easy for you to learn the way YOU learn best.

($295 Value)


In addition to your webinars, you’ll have access to other wine lovers via a Private Facebook Group that I will monitor daily. With this group, you’ll be able to trade wine recommendations, recipes, restaurant recommendations AND leave questions for yours truly. This community will be a bonus you’ll value tremendously.

($500 Value)

Total Value of This Package

Over $2,700

“Ok, Laurie, what’s my investment for this online Wine Workshop,
where I’ll learn How to Pick the Perfect Wine Every Time?”

Delivering this Workshop online allows me to maximize my time, so I am able to offer a huge reduction on the total value of this course.

Your investment in the Pick the Perfect Wine Every time Web

Workshop is only:

$159 for All 5 sessions

Treat yourself or make this the perfect gift for the wine
Lover in your life!

Will this Web Workshop give you what you need?

YES! This workshop is designed to give you the building blocks you need to master the essentials of wine. The online classes, private Facebook group, The Sipping Point eBook, and the other materials included in the workshop will ensure that you have the resources needed to pick the perfect wine every time long after the wine workshop is over.


What results can you expect

Taste and describe any wine like a pro!

Recognize the personality of the Big 6 grape varietals.

Identify the major wine styles for white and red wines.

Learn the proper serving and storage methods for different types of wine.

Utilize the key strategies to create the “right” food and wine pairings.

Learn tons from your fellow wine lovers.

Become part of a dynamic and FUN wine community.

Have fun and gain confidence!

This Web Workshop will
completely transform the way
you think about wine in just 5
sessions, PLUS you’ll connect
with other wine lovers!

Still skeptical? Don’t worry — This webinar has a…



If this isn’t the most practical, information rich, step-by-step wine instruction you’ve ever experienced…Your money will be returned!

THE perfect gift for the wine lover in your life – AND yourself!

If this is a gift, you will receive a beautiful gift certificate you can print for your giving pleasure – then we’ll take care of the rest!

You’ll receive so much value from this program that you’ll want to share with your friends and family!




I’m looking forward to sipping with you in class!